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Pitching Night

Master the Art of Pitching in English


Level up your Pitching Skills in English 

Are you a Ukrainian tech professional who wants to excel in pitching your ideas in English? Do you have a pet project or a startup that you want to present to potential investors or partners? If yes, then you don't want to miss our Pitching Night event!

What is a Pitch?

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A pitch is a short, compelling presentation that answers the questions:

● What do you have to offer?
● Why should a customer buy your product or service?
● Why should an investor or business owner take a chance on you?

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"The only way to get good at pitching is to pitch." 

David S. Rose

angel investor and author of The Startup Pitch

"Pitching isn't only about selling your idea, it's about selling yourself." 

 Carmine Gallo

communication coach and author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

"Pitching is storytelling with a purpose." 

Peter Coughter

advertising executive and author of The Art of the Pitch

Why Mastering Pitching Matters

Get investment for your business

Sell your ideas effectively, persuade a business partner to go into business with you, get funding for your start-up, get buy-in from key team members

Sell your ideas effectively

Convince workers, managers, and investors that an out-of-the-box idea is the best course of action, potentially producing more revenue and business expansion

Persuade a client to purchase

The most common pitch type is a shortened sales presentation where a salesperson convinces a customer to buy their product or service. 

Get ahead in the workplace

Get noticed for suggesting an innovative solution at work, convince your boss to give you a raise 

To pitch or to listen: that is the question...


Why to pitch?

Pitching forces you to articulate your concept clearly, helping you identify and address weaknesses.

    Refine Your Idea
    Boost Confidence
    Showcase Expertise

Why to listen?

Listening to others' pitches offers insights into various industries and innovative ideas.

    Learning Opportunity
    Discover Trends
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Want to pitch with us?

Press the button, submit your business idea and receive feedback within 2 days!

How to participate

Don't miss your chance to refine your pitching skills and connect with like-minded professionals


Submit your Idea

 If you want to pitch your idea, send us a brief description of your project. Our expert jurors will select the most intriguing ideas


Prepare to Shine

Once selected, you'll receive guidance on refining your pitch deck and perfecting your presentation.


Join Pitching Night

On October 26th, connect with us on Zoom, showcase your idea, and receive feedback that will set you on the path to success.

"The best pitches are those that not only sell a product but also tell a story worth remembering."

Peter Thiel

entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author, known for co-founding PayPal and for his investments in technology companies.

"Your pitch should be a journey that takes your audience from 'I don't know' to 'I can't wait to get started."

Chris Anderson

curator of TED Talks, renowned for his work in spreading ideas through short, powerful presentations

"A great pitch is not about convincing others; it's about sharing your passion and inspiring them to join your journey."

Arianna Huffington

co-founder of The Huffington Post and an author, known for her work on well-being and productivity.

Why Pitching Night?

Pitching your tech ideas in English can be challenging, but it's an essential skill for attracting investors and expanding your global reach. At Pitching Night, you'll have a unique opportunity to:

 Practice your Pitch

Get a dry run of your pitch and receive feedback from our expert panel of jurors

Learn from the Best

Our panel includes industry leaders with diverse backgrounds.

Elevate your Pitching Skills

You'll get the tips on creating an impactful pitch deck and structuring your presentation.


Don't miss your chance to refine your pitching skills and connect with like-minded professionals. 

To pitch 


Make a donation to secure your spot as a presenter

15 available features200 requests per month24/7 support

To listen


Don't have a pitch but want to gain insights? Make a donation to attend and observe the pitches.

30 available features
Unlimited requests
Personal consultations

Our Panel

Our team is our proud. Each of the team members is dedicated to delivering the best results to the clients. Meet some of our expert who will work on your case.

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Oksana Skoromna


Andrew Shimmer has more than 15 years of experience in IT development and marketing. He has successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.

Denis Raichuk

Product Manager

For 13 years, Tomas has been taking a position of product manager at Quantum. He successfully launched several best-selling products. Now he is working on 3 new products.

Anna Daliuk

Director of Finance

Ann is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing. She has been rewarded by the Association of Marketing as one of the most successful directors.


Senior Project Manager

Andrew is our experienced professional in the project management. He brings together various talents of small teams to produce unrivaled and unique work.

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